Meditation & Buddhism

Buddhism describes a path of transformation and transcendence laid out by Gautama Buddha two and a half thousand years ago in North-east India. This path is essentially pragmatic, helping us reach into ourselves and out towards others with understanding and insight. You can find out more about Buddhism here.

Meditation is a vital aspect of the Buddhist path that helps develop emotional positivity, clarity of thought and a deeper awareness of ourselves and other people. We can find a sense of spaciousness around thoughts and feelings that helps us let go of constricting habits and become more creative in our lives.

At the Brighton Buddhist Centre we offer a number of meditation classes and meditation and buddhism courses that provide a basis for establishing a regular meditation practice in a Buddhist context and offer the opportunity to be part of this community.

Click on the following links to see details of our Meditation Drop-in Classes and introductory Meditation and Buddhism Courses. We also run bi-weekly evenings for Young Buddhists (for people aged 18-39 years) interested in practising meditation and Buddhism, and offer occasional events for the LGBT community .

You might also like to have look at the Triratna Community pages to see what else is available for those who have learnt our meditation practices.

Approaches to Meditation

Following are the main forms of meditation practised within the Triratna Buddhist Community.

Mindfulness Practices include mindfulness of posture and of the body, walking meditation and the four stage ‘Mindfulness of Breathing’ practice. These can contribute to a fuller awareness of ourselves and to calm, clear states of mind.

Metta Bhavana (cultivating loving kindness) is a practice concerned with emotional awareness. It encourages the arising of a positive intention that can transform our response towards ourselves and other people.

‘Just Sitting’ is a receptive practice that combines with both of the above approaches.

These practices can be supported by ethical awareness of our actions and their consequences in daily life.

Meditation and Buddhism Outreach groups

You can find out about outreach groups in Lewes, Worthing, Eastbourne and Hastings and Southampton.
Vidyadasa also teaches meditation as part of his Yoga and Meditation classes in Shoreham


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