Triratna Southern Region Sangha Day Festival

Regional Sangha Festival Day

Brighton Buddhist Centre
10.30 – 4.30pm on Sunday November 12th

Hello there –

I’d like to warmly invite you to come along to our Regional Sangha Festival Day.

The Buddha encouraged the sangha to meet in large numbers to practise, and that’s what we can do on the day.

The whole of the spiritual life?
When Ananda, the Buddha’s friend and companion, asked the Buddha if friendship was half of the spiritual life, the Buddha famously replied that it was “actually the whole of the spiritual life”.

What might that mean?

On this day we’ll have a chance to come together to practice, to enjoy each others’ company, and perhaps to find out.

What Will We Be Doing On The Day?
There will be reflections from members of the sangha about what sangha means to them, and a talk by Subhadassi on “Sangha as Practice”.

There will also be an opportunity for mitras and order members to reaffirm their commitments, witnessed by their friends in the sangha.

There will also of course be meditation sessions, and a hearty lunch.

As this festival is open to the whole region, the day will also give us all a chance to get to know each other beyond our local sangha.

What To Bring
Please bring vegetarian or vegan food to share.
Cakes and biscuits for afternoon tea would also be very welcome!

We’d also love some help on the day to make it run smoothly – if you’d like to help, please contact Vimokshaja (

The day is free to attend, though dana is always welcome.

See you there!

With metta,


Dates and Times

Sunday, 12th November, 2017

Times: 10:30 am-4:30 pm

The event is free but donations on the day are welcome.

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