Newcomers’ Day Retreat

‘The Heart’s Release’

Sunday 10th December

10.30am – 4.30pm

Led by Dharmajit


‘Meghiya, all beings need spiritual friends, good associates. All beings need the companionship of good people. When the heart’s release is immature, Meghiya, this is the first thing that leads to its maturity!’

A day retreat for those who are relatively new to the Brighton Buddhist Centre or the Triratna Buddhist Community and know both the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana (as taught by Triratna) or have completed the ‘Introduction to Buddhist Meditation’ course (Pt.1) or the ‘Introduction to Buddhism’ course (Pt.2).

Please contact Dharmajit at if you are unsure about this criteria.

The words above are voiced by the Buddha to a monk named Meghiya.

In the morning, Meghiya had been given the task of attending to the Buddha. Whilst out collecting alms for the Buddha, Meghiya spots a delightful mango grove. Such is its beauty that Meghiya decides to ask the Buddha to relieve him of his duty to attend to the Buddha and allow him to go to the mango grove to meditate – Meghiya being convinced that sitting there would surely help him to develop his search for Truth. When he returns from his alms round, he gives the Buddha his food and asks the Buddha to excuse him from his duties so that he can hurry to the mango grove. At first the Buddha says ‘no’. Meghiya displeased, asks again. The Buddha says ‘no’ again. Meghiya keeps asking and the Buddha relents, saying to Meghiya, ‘do what you think it’s time for, Meghiya’.

Why is the Buddha so hesitant for Meghiya to leave the Buddhas side to go to the mango grove? Doesn’t it seem reasonable for Meghiya to want to develop himself away from the Buddha? What’s the Buddha’s ‘problem’ anyway……

So off Meghiya goes, off of the mango grove, off to deepen his mediation and practice of the Buddhas teaching. But a short time later Meghiya hurriedly returns to the Buddha, confused and distressed. Something has happened in the Mango grove!……

A day of Meditation, Discussion and Ritual – Exploring the role of Friendship in our quest for Truth and Beauty

Looking forward to practicing with you all.

With Metta


Free/donations welcome

Please bring vegan/vegetarian food to share for lunch.

Please book your place in advance.


Dates and Times

Sunday, 10th December, 2017

Times: 10:30 am-4:30 pm

The event is free but donations on the day are welcome.

sorry, bookings are closed for this event.

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