Beauty of Mantra

beauty-of-mantra-buddha-painting-by-alokawith Mahasukha

A magical candlelit evening of uplifting meditative and devotional Buddhist mantra with beautiful soulful harmonies bringing inner stillness, peace and joy. We will chant the mantra before a beautiful shrine and make candle offerings.

There will be the opportunity to sit on and absorb the practice and atmosphere, and there will be a cafe afterwards at 9.30pm serving delicious chai and cakes.

“It was another incredible evening. Incredible is not strong enough a word… I experienced such a huge amount of strength, love and bliss. It was euphoric really but somehow a huge amount of internal power behind it.”

“I was totally immersed in a very blissful state and could have gone on all night!”

Beauty of Mantra Avalokitesvara recording...
Beauty of Mantra Avalokitesvara recording…

You can hear and download previous Beauty of Mantra recordings here

Sorry we have no events at the moment, please visit this page soon

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